Are You a Momshell?

Gone are the days when moms felt at home in spit-up-stained sweat pants.  Today it’s all about being a “momshell”—the new term for the growing post-natal herd of hot mamas.

 “It’s tough to pin down the exact origins of momshell, which began turning up on blogs, Facebook and Twitter with more frequency last fall,” according to last week’s Associated Press article. “The term and ‘yummy mummy,’ its equivalent in the UK and Australia, are meant as compliments, nods to moms who find time to take care of themselves while caring for their kids.”

“Now moms are expected to be gorgeous on top of everything else? It’s too much,” says Elayne Rapping, a professor of American Studies at the University at Buffalo, who specializes in media and pop culture. Not that long ago, just juggling work and family was difficult enough; now real moms need to look like the expensively maintained celebrity versions.

How do momshells do it?

“I’m not saying put yourself on top of the ‘to do’ list,” says Jessica Denay, mom, author of “The Hot Moms Handbook,” and founder of  the Hot Moms Club, which began as a small group of mom friends eight years ago and has now expanded to an Internet-based social network of  110,000-plus. “I’m saying put yourself on the list.”

This trend presents marketers with an opportunity to reach out to moms with products and services to help them look and feel their best. What have you done to help them achieve that? Moms, what would make you feel like a momshell—or do you already?


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5 Comments on “Are You a Momshell?”

  1. Naomi Says:

    Ugh, it sounds totally contrived. Who would label themselves a “momshell”? The same person who would call herself a MILF, probably… I think the Hot Mom moniker is a lot easier to stomach!

  2. Rebekah Says:

    From a Mom in the “real world”….we’re a little too busy to worry about being “hot”, let alone what moniker to attach to that dream. A good day is one with a shower. A good week is one with a date night (though usually without cosmetics). “-)

  3. Rebekah: You actually manage showers and date nights?!

    Loved your comment — thank you!

  4. mannequin Says:

    Hot, huh? I feel pretty dang good if my hair is brushed. The rest of the family looks like magazine shots but because I’ve gotten them ready, there is no time for me to get ready.
    What to do? Throw on jewelry and go with the natural look.

  5. And they wonder why we’re rushing when they’re already set to go! Thanks for the comment.

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